Mission Statement


Environmental Benefits


The discarding of waste products such as plastic and rubber is a serious concern for the future of the planet. Our oceans are littered with plastic particles and rubber is thrown in land fill or burned creating thick smoke pollution. All of which is damaging the food chain and polluting the air we breathe.

At Seneca Radiant UK we offer an innovative underfloor heating system for domestic and business customers. The system enables users to reduce their energy costs and help save the planet. The underfloor panels are made from recycled rubber, therefore avoiding landfill or other pollution. A typical domestic installation could use the equivalent of 400 tyres. This is a significant contribution to preventing pollution, creating a better environment for all.

Consumer Benefits

Reduced Noise

The rubber construction helps to reduce structure borne noise transmission to lower floors, a significant benefit when installed in flats/apartments or in bedroom floors above other living areas.

Fire Consideration

The panels surpass CAL 1350 emissions testing. In the unfortunate event of a fire, the piping will melt first, releasing the water, dousing the flames. Other systems use polystyrene material which is highly flammable.

Quick and Easy Installation

The panels are shaped so that they interlock like a jigsaw, in both directions, without the need for fixing to the sub-floor. This enables quick and easy installation both by DIY installers and professionals alike.

Good Insulator and Low Profile

Rubber crumb is a good insulator, so further insulation below the panels although of benefit, is not necessary. The panels are 3/4inch (19mm) thick, so are suitable for retro fit in existing buildings and new projects alike.