Noisy kids driving you crazy?!


Unique Combined Heating and Noise Reduction Solution

Help reduce the noise coming from kids bedrooms etc through the ceiling and reduce your energy costs in one go! Our unique underfloor heating with sound deadening feature is the perfect solution.

Quick and Easy Retrofit System

Installation can be in as little as 2-4 days with minimal disruption to your household.

Low Ceilings, No Problem

Unique Design combines underfloor heating with noise reduction to give both benefits in only 19mm thickness.  

No loss of heating during installation!

The system can be installed and tested prior to removing the radiators, so no cold nights without heating! 

Save the Planet!

Do your bit to improve the lives of everyone, by selecting a product that helps us all. A typical installation may use recycled material equivalent to 400 tyres, reducing landfill and/or air pollution.

We offer the only GreenSpecĀ® Green Product Directory approved radiant heating product using recycled content.


Files coming soon.