Live in a Flat? The prefect retrofit solution!


Quick Installation

Installation could be in as little as 2 days. The panels are shaped to fit together so it is not necessary to fix them to the sub-floor. No loss of heating during installation!

Save Money

Installing UFH can reduce heating bills by as much as 50% when compared to radiator systems. Installation costs are affordable, please telephone: 07828 154 241 or email: for a bespoke quotation as each installation is unique. 

Tried and Tested System

Hundreds of projects have been successfully completed.

Reduce Noise!

The panels reduce the noise transmitted to lower floors. Unique rubber crumb design helps reduce sound transmission to the floor below. This could be from people walking or a washing machine (structure-borne) or music (airborne).  The attached link shows a situation that could have been avoided:

Innovative Design

Unique Design combines underfloor heating with noise reduction to give both benefits in only 19mm thickness.  No loss of heating during installation!  

Save the Planet!

Do your bit to improve the lives of everyone, by selecting a product that helps us all. A typical installation may use recycled material equivalent to 400 tyres, reducing landfill and/or air pollution.

We offer the only GreenSpecĀ® Green Product Directory approved radiant heating product using recycled content.