Better Heating - Better Living - Better Planet

Many Benefits! A Unique Special System!

Environmentally friendly

 Do your bit to improve the lives of everyone, by selecting a product that helps us all. A typical installation may use recycled material equivalent to 400 tyres, reducing landfill and/or air pollution.  

quick and easy installation

 Installation could be in as little as a day. The panels are shaped to fit together so it is not necessary to fix them to the sub-floor. No loss of heating during installation! 

noise reducing design

 The panels reduce the noise transmitted to lower floors. Unique rubber crumb design helps reduce sound transmission to the floor below. This could be from people walking or a washing machine (structure-borne) or music (airborne). 

flame retardant

Recycled Rubber crumb is an excellent flame retardant material. Ideal alternative to polystyrene products.


 Panels are made from tough material that can withstand, for example; hammer blows or dropped heavy items. 

only 19mm thick

Therefore has little impact on the height of rooms. Also, a clean dust free installation process.

Underfloor Heating Quick fit, Low Profile System

betting heating - better living - better planet

About Us


Quick, Easy and Clean Underfloor Heating

Our low profile radiant under floor heating (UFH) system is perfect for quick and easy installation. Typical installation in 2-4 days. After hundreds of installations in America this innovative product is now available in the UK. 


Low Profile - Ideal for retrofit

Panels are only 19mm thick, ideal for retrofit and new projects alike.  Think of sprucing up your kitchen or bathroom? Ideal way to improve the look of your home at an affordable price.


Quick & Easy Installation

Panels interlock, in all directions, avoiding the need to be fixed in place.

Panels are easy to trim to fit around awkward corners etc.

No waiting for drying, therefore installation is quick and simple.


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